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Facing Adversity

Dealing with Adversity and Happiness
Facing the Challenges of Life

Overcoming Anger

Replacing Anger with Love
Do Not Accept the Gift of Anger
Conquering Anger
Gentleness Wins Over Force

Do Your Best

Give Your Best to Everyone


Desire and Contentment
Which Race Are We Running?
No End to Desires


“Whatever You Give Me Tastes Sweet”

Success and Reaching Goals

Being One-pointed
Making the Best Use of One's Time
Failure Leads to Success
Diligent Commitment to Our Life's Goal

Letting Go

Clutching and Letting Go


Perseverance Leads to Success


Find Good in Everything

Selfless Service

God Blesses Those Who Give
God Comes in Many Forms

Honesty and Truthfulness

Be Honest with Our Selves
Truth Always Finds a Way


The Strength of Humility

Love for Animals

Compassion for Animals
Healing the Suffering of Animals

Teacher’s Love

The Power of a Teacher’s Love
True Teacher

Finding Happiness

The Treasure That Lies Within

Impermanence of Life

Prepare Our Soul for Eternity

God’s Omnipresence, Protection, and Mercy

God’s Mercy
We Cannot Hide from the Lord
God is Always With Us
God Can Be Seen in the Microcosm
God Supports Good and Bad Alike

Love of God

A Gift for the Lord

Gaining Spiritual Knowledge

The Value of Experience
Choose Your Company Wisely
Lessons of the Mind and of the Soul

Spiritual Practice

The Best Soil for the Soul

Spiritual Light

Bringing Light into Darkness

See for Yourself

Theory vs. Practice

Mind and Soul

The Strongest Enemy




Karma vs. Free Will

Spiritual Life

Choose Between the Dark or the GoldenAge
Being with Like-minded People

Prayer and Meditation

The True Purpose of Prayer
Praying and Working
What Should We Ask from God?

Tolerance and Forgiveness

Tolerating Others

Enlightened Living

Enlightened Living

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