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N this fast-paced age of technological advances, life was supposed to be easier, yet many find the daily stresses overwhelming. People have little free time to relax or find solutions to their problems. With compassionate understanding of the plight of modern readers, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj offers us this precious book. The easy-to-read gems in Spiritual Pearls for Enlightened Living provide fresh insights to cope with the complexities of our times and help to deepen our spiritual perspectives.

As a teacher of Peace Studies at the university level, I find it refreshing to see this book which offers readers an opportunity to draw upon the collective wisdom of peoples’ experiences, past and present, from around the world. One of the courses I most enjoy teaching is called “Wisdom Traditions of the World’s Religions and Cultures.” In it we explore the rich diversity of human experience, seeking to identify the common threads needed to build human unity. Sant Rajinder Singh’s pearls will be a welcomed addition to the literature in our course. I would submit that this kind of learning that the book exemplifies should ideally be available not only for college students but for people of all ages enrolled in what might be called the ongoing “university of the universe.” Sant Rajinder Singh draws upon his broad knowledg

e and respect for the teachings of enlightened beings from many religions and cultures to bring home timeless spiritual truths.

I especially appreciate the way the author has included teaching stories about philosophers, teachers, saints, kings, and commoners from different cultures and times, to convey uplifting truths to put us in touch with the reservoir of spiritual resources within each of us. Included are anecdotes about the Buddha, Leonardo da Vinci, Maulana Rumi, Thomas Edison, Ernest Shackleton, Mother Teresa, and many others. Like a delicious sweet, each story can be savored and reflected upon for some time afterward. We learn how human folly and suffering can be transformed by learning humility and forgiveness. In fifty-two teaching stories ranging from overcoming adversity to attaining enlightenment, the tales and their underlying life lessons tap into a broad canvas of human experience and illustrate how to:

As a musician produces music and as a poet writes verses, Sant Rajinder Singh tells each anecdote to uplift us into seeing life from a higher angle of vision. He encourages us to tap into our higher self and think, speak, and act from a place of wisdom. His optimism that we can find peace and love in a troubled world is “contagious.”

Each story that he offers contains a pearl of wisdom to be taken to heart and put into practice and can enlighten us and bring joy into our lives. Spending time in the company of this book gives us an opportunity to read the words of saints and mystics who came throughout history to serve humankind.

This collection was selected from talks by Sant Rajinder Singh given over many years at several major meditation centers in India and in the United States. Beautifully illustrated by Valerie Poole, these illuminating stories with their underlying messages are presented with a balance of wisdom, humor, love, and everyday common sense. They have been inspiring millions of people over the past seventeen years to develop their higher self through meditation and positive human values.

Through a life devoted to meditation on the spiritual Light within and achieving spiritual realization, Sant Rajinder Singh points out ways for us to experience spirituality. Using references from diverse wisdom traditions, he threads together a path of an enlightened life. Spiritual Pearls for Enlightened Living could well become a classic, as Sant Rajinder Singh unveils the mystery of how people everywhere can have firsthand experience of the divine and attain lasting happiness.

Dr. Art Stein
Professor of Political Science/Honors and
Co-Convener of Center for Nonviolence and
Peace Studies, University of Rhode Island

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